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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adventures in the Afterlife - William Buhlman Interview revisited

From my Guides - All is as you see it. To change anything real or unreal…change your focus and it will appear as you have seen. All is not what it seems. It is shifting and moving as the wind. You just have to allow what you want to appear and know it is coming…no matter what the current face. All shifts with your thoughts. As above - so below. The first shift is you.

I happened to stumble upon this info when trying to track one of my posts on Shamanism and was surprised to see the comments. William Buhlman is one of my favorite interviews from 2013, so - here it is - prefaced with a complimentary and informative comment.

[ -- "This is a fantastic interview. Especially because the interviewer herself experiences OBEs and the conversation is a two way discussion of the experiences. Mr. Buhlman says this new third book Adventures in the Afterlife is his first in 12 years, and I went to look inside his first book Adventures Beyond the Body (published in 1996) and The Secret of the Soul (published in 2001) and now look forward to the third book. (Still not finished with his first 2 books, but I read multiple books at the same time.)

I listened again this week to his audio How to Have an Out of Body Experience, and have also started Mr Robert Monroe's audio as well (unfortunately I have only fallen asleep each time on disk 2). The two audios seem to have entirely different styles, with Mr. Buhlman doing some talking about the OBE experience on various cds, followed with assorted styles of guided meditations, and so far on the 2 cds I've used from TMI (The Monroe Institute), the first CD was Robert Monroe talking about OBE and the second CD was entirely to be an OBE exercise, starting with the ocean wave sounds, instructions to get comfortable, some other faint background sounds?, the affirmation and some instructions . . . ZZZZZZZZZ . . . then waking up to hear him do a numerical countdown. Since I have fallen asleep each time I've listened to the second Robert Monroe OBE CD, I intend to listen to it while doing chores outside, and maybe I will get to hear consciously the exercise on the second CD.

But, I want to thank you for providing a link to this excellent interview with William Buhlman introducing his third book, this is an exceptionally interesting interview because the questions asked are so pertinent and the conversation is so organic and not just some interviewer going down a list of questions." -- ]

The quick overview: America's leading expert on out-of-body experiences, William Buhlman says OBEs allow people to discover they exist beyond the physical plane. Death is not an ending.

Learning he could ask for help in the non-physical state, he did exactly that to heal from Stage 4 Cancer and shares that story in his new book, Adventures in the Afterlife.

The connect with this and why it was triggered by my search. Shamanism teaches the same thing (as do my guides). We get outside our body to access healing and return in that upgraded vibration to set it into the manifest state. Healing himself from Cancer is a solid testament to the power of the mind. The best result from that: he is sharing the process --  

"The only way to truly know is to find out for yourself."
-Robert A. Monroe

Thank you! @ Information Machine

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mind's Eye/sci-fi thriller and a new UFO show

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, he said, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

One of the adds on my twitter subscriber feed looks interesting. This film actually touches on some of the stuff I have had to navigate since 1997. Haven't seen the film just the preview but it does underscore my view that reality is NOT linear.

My reality has unlimited bandwidth, unfathomable depth and extraordinary dimension, filled with unseen and unmappable quirks, every missing link and quantum blank serves a purpose.

My first experience of time-shifting threw out any old school notion of reality being a thing one can quantify. It is much, much larger. The mind cannot process it all, but we work with the bits and pieces we can and assume that is all there is to it. And that is where we are wrong. There is simply more.

What that more adds up to depends on the individual. Other personal experiences include OBE, multiple varieties of spirit beings, guardian angels, separate awareness-es, ONE-ness, Christ Consciousness, visions, premonition, telepathy, shape-shifting, energy healing, portals, mediumship, hauntings, cleansings, ghosts, non-corporeal beings, transdimensional beings, Divine intervention, ET phenom  -- it all runs the gamut from drama to comedy. But that's just me.

This movie might be fun to check out see how creative they get in framing their mind game.

MIND'S EYE - a metaphysical sci fi thriller. The set up: A young high-school musician, Mattie Carver, is on a strange and unpredictable journey through the looking-glass world of the mind’s eye. Joined by her science teacher, the school psychologist, two mysterious men in black, and her closest friends, Mattie must find the truth in a constantly morphing reality before it slips away from her forever.

MIND'S EYE - A Mindbending Sci Fi Thriller from Black Wing Digital Entertainment on Vimeo.

- a metaphysical sci fi thriller, deals with the paradoxes of time and memory, trauma and loss. Starring Dean Cain, Natalie Distler and Izzie Steele, and featuring Malcolm Mcdowell. Appearances by Monte Markham and Aaron Perilo.

Other news highlights  -- A new UFO show is set to take a bow.  

Details: John Ventre had no interest in unidentified flying objects until he decided to write a science fiction book about 17 years ago. The deeper he went in his research, the more evidence of UFOs he found.
His thoughts on the subject now? He says, "I am 100 percent convinced it is a real phenomenon.” Ventre is Pennsylvania director for the Mutual UFO Network and one of the stars of “Hangar 1,” a new History Channel series about UFOs.

“Hangar 1” debuts Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. after “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel's H2 station.