Lights in the Dark -- Contactees: Mike Oram

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I have had several opportunities to interview Mary Rodwell about her work with Contactees. The latest of those is in the Archives on Empower Radio. We talk about Star Children and the upgrades to consciousness. 

Mary, by now, has documented accounts from some 3 thousand individuals who have reported their encounters. Here is her 2014 video presentation with an overview.

One of the most visible and vocal of those she mentions is Mike Oram. His experiences began in childhood and he has published books and written articles to offer follow-up perspectives and include new information. I love the cartoon perspective he offers up in Ben.

He presented "Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?" at the Extraterrestrial Communication Conference, 2012, held at the Static Gallery in Liverpool.

These experiences and Mike's efforts to share his perspective - though more detailed and extensive - resonate for me.

The short list: I have personally experienced time shifting, telepathic contact, an electrical encounter that burned my eyes, another one that made me cry as a warning to encourage me to leave a certain space, unexplained healing, a presence in my room that spoke in a mechanical voice, a circular-red-and-green-lighted-hovering-object in the bedroom (I reported that one to MUFON in 2013.).

When I tried to focus to better set the image in my memory, it immediately went through the solid wall and hovered for a moment outside the window before vanishing.

My experiences are varied (many are also in non-threatening dream environments) and subtle but I have been told I am being given contact in a way that I will accept and that will help me to gradually acclimate to their presence.

I did not pursue this interaction, it was a gradual process and (in the early 90's) I chose to categorize it among dreams and altered states of awareness. They have stated they do not - under any circumstances - wish to frighten me/us. In some very real physical sense we are not quite compatible to their energy/vibration and that can cause discomfort, nausea, muscle pains, and the like. (Same thing happens with ghosts.)

So the process now seems to be a global expansion of contact events and enhancement of etheric energy to better prepare those in this dimension, on this sphere of awareness less distress in advance of eventual, mass contact.

My channeled content for Talking to Nightlights - when I asked The (non-corporeal being) Energy for a name - gave me a source that presents as a collective: Messengers of Light. I was advised by them at the outset to avoid jumping to conclusions or trying to define the source of the information until I became better acquainted and schooled in the wide variety of options in/of non-corporeal/telepathic/channeled contact. The term they prefer is Trans-dimensional.

At this time it is clear that much of what has long been designated "paranormal" also has quite a lot in common with UFO sightings and ET contact. There are too many similarities to be discounted. When I experience contact, there are several physical indicators that help me to identify it as such.

To counter that, the presence of my nightlight energy is constant and there is no discomfort with that. Each has his own method of determining resonance or validating reality and those indicators do need to be ingrained via personal experience.

In 1998, I entered into a decade long process of intentional energy shifting and that may also have contributed to increased tolerance. My experience involved a tremendous amount of self-initiated consciousnesses expansion and energy balancing, a process that doesn't have a designated conclusion or predetermined outcome.   

My guides offer ongoing support and interactive engagement. Popping me out of body was a very effective method of demonstrating their influence. Inducing a transformative bliss state was another successful tactic. Those acts however, are given as carrots to encourage my pursuit of conscious awakening and ascension. I am responsible for continuing to do my homework. 

7 Keys to expanding and upgrading consciousness include meditation, emotional self-healing, deprogramming social constructs designed to distract one from individual pursuit of mind/awareness expansion, understanding fear, eliminating negative thought patterns, increasing empathy, activating telepathy.

Conscious Ascension: When operating within the manifest realm, one learns to understand how attention goes where mind flows. One can upgrade creation via infusion of fluid light essence to facilitate multidimensional awareness in solid state. 

The power to transcend this particular dimension is and always has been within. Like Dorothy
in The Wizard of Oz, as the mind flows, we remain home. The challenge is to wake up to intention and claim our innate presents as quantum creators. Know yourself.

That's where Trans-dimensionals excel.

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