Thursday, February 28, 2008

Abundance -- A blessing and a blessing...

The ideas keep pouring in for guests. However, I can't book the show solid or there will be no room for interaction.

We had a surprise call, 2/27, from Leif Hansen, one of those synchronistic moments. His project is and he works to help tech addicts unplug for a bit to reclaim that other part of their lives, their inner spirit....

Workshops are scheduled through 80/20 Vision. Called Soul Tech, the project was recently featured on the Today Show. I am hoping he will make an official date for an interview on an upcoming show.

I love the Internet and the wonderful learning opportunities it opens up. But some of the most beautiful experiences of life are missed if you are constantly plugged into a gadget of some kind.

Another huge downside often overlooked is the constant barrage of commercial programming people don't even realize they are filtering ... or absorbing. Getting away from that allows a jump start for the creative process. (And the opportunity for spontaneous awakening!)

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