Friday, February 22, 2008

Coming In April - Director Ward Powers - One

Another movie I missed on the big screen - One

We've booked film director Ward Powers for April 2ND to share a few minutes with us to tell us about One - available now on DVD and streaming on line for $5.99.

For me, this talk/podcast - Conscious Living is an opportunity to help create greater awareness for the voices of those who march to the tune of the Universe and against the chorus of lock step. One is an indie film from a filmmaker with a heart centered focus.

What is it we are all seeking? A Divine Union occured spontaneously for me and it changed my life. I had an indescribable moment of Oneness, complete immersion with All-That-Is. As a result, my consciousness shifted; I relaxed and let go of the illusion that I was lost or separate...
and I began living with awareness...and joy.

Who knows what will trigger your awakening and what you will find... Maybe it has already occured or it will come from seeing One. Wherever it comes from, Welcome HOME!!

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