Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conscious Living Eletter is Coming

Lots of stuff happening now! We have some wonderful guests booked and requests are out for those we hope to connect with in the future. March is full - April is filling and May has three dates left. It's a start.

To keep track of some of that, I am creating a newsletter. Don't have a start time yet because it's still in the CREATION phase. We have the source; I have to develop the content. Nothing too taxing, just a heads up on who is going to be on the show and a recap of interviews you might have missed.

The Talk Shoe download feature allows a show to be listened to within 15 minutes after it has been completed. So no worries if you miss the live hook up. It's all there.

Now onto marketing... Do we need a pez dispenser? ; )

Hunter Weeks from 10mph will be a May guest - He's working on another film. Check out the Segway outtakes from the first. Josh - definitely the best choice as designated segway driver.

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