Saturday, February 16, 2008

Making a difference..with a Cello….

Playing on You Tube and reviewing my interview list trying to round up a few musicians.

Cellos rocking out to The Final Countdown is getting rave reviews amongst the web set. (The Hair helps!!) Who knows, it might create a cello revival.

If it does, see Steven Elisha. He’s great with kids (of all ages) eager to unlock their inner Cellist.

Mr. Cello tours the world…and Iowa. Track him down here. A Cellist to remember. : )

Yo Steven! Brought back memories. I met Steven during his stint with The Kansas City Symphony when I heard this amazing cello music from my back yard and wanted to buy the CD.
Turned out Steven was “practicing” for a performance. He had just moved into the house next door.

We'll see if Mr. Cello has time for a chat. Until then, rock out... (with Mello M from Latvia)

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