Friday, February 8, 2008

Why Talk Shoe?

As a veteran of traditional radio broadcasting, it is amazing - and wonderful to see how quickly the web is catching up and surpassing what used to be the only forum for talk.

Many of the AM talk stations now rely heavily on revenue from syndication. As a result, live programming is becoming a rare commodity. Overnights and weekends used to be the training ground for talkers. And there used to be room for the unpolished novice to just open up the mic and chat. That arena has - for the most part - vanished, leaving very little room for an unconventional approach.

If Sat radio opened up a whole new field, podcasting blew the lid off. Now webcasting is going one better - providing interactive talk opportunities. Talk Shoe labels their programs "community calls", offering a whole new form of social networking.

Varied and diverse, there is no limit to the opportunities available now with web/pod/talk /sat/vid casting.

In the short five years I was involved in Am Drive News/Talk Radio, I interviewed at least a thousand people. Among them a former president, a legendary news anchor, a late night side kick, numerous stars of stage, screen, page, and sound... and even Jerry Springer.

The numbers were astounding when I finally thought about it. I still have many of my contacts and am combining efforts with Sandy Jorgensen who cut her teeth on webcast booking and has a dynamic energy and wonderful approach to seeking out guests.

We are both in agreement on one very crucial point; if the guest has a book, we want to read it. Understandably, that means we hope to present guests we have a rapport with and hope that will translate to audience rapport as well.

Whatever the case, we are booking people the politics laden AM's are not looking for anyway and that should give us access to an eclectic variety.

Stop in for a visit. We'll give you a heads up here and on the webcast as to the format and the guest list. It's a whole new ballgame in the field of talk. We hope to add a few kickers to the mix.

PS. We love indie films.


Everything Everywhere said...

I'm looking forward to listening to your show. I've really enjoyed Sandy's work on a previous webcast.

wendy said...

Thank you! I am happy to work with her and looking forward to seeing what direction it goes. Sandy checks this site and hopefully will add to it as we go. She also has other interests and we will probably post another blog to allow her to express those too!