Thursday, March 27, 2008

Alianna Boone's Healing Harp Music for Pets

Harpist Alianna Boone plays her music for a very special audience: Pets. We spoke with her recently and learned the harp is an amazing healing tool. She says, “The structure of the harp is considered to be the most healing instrument next to the human voice”.

Alianna worked with a Veterinarian to study the effects of harp music on pets and the results were published in 2003.

Harp music is known for the calming effect it has on humans and animals and is being used in hospital settings for both with positive results. With that kind of impact, you can imagine Alianna loves her work.

Stressed out? Try a healing remedy minus the doc/vet. Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast might come in handy the next time life is coming at you - and/or your pet - a bit too fast and furious.

(Photo is Chloe - stunt pet - simulating effect of soothing harp music.)

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