Tuesday, March 11, 2008

E-newsletter Done!

Conscious Living E-notes are up and going. If you would like to be on the list, please let me know. Lite4one (at) aol.com - or fill in the form in the lovely box under the above picture -- under the above --- and now I am laughing! No, it doesn't take much.

Working 16 to 20 hours straight is no big deal when you're on fire... I get the bug and have to keep with it or I lose the train of thought or the inspiration and I hate derailing that train! So, then there comes a need to take a break to keep fingers from going numb and eyes from crossing...and I still have to force myself to walk away. Thus, the reason one website has perfect spelling and another sneaks under the radar with a blatant typo.

Oh well, that buzz when it hits is absolutely wonderful. I don't mind the cleanup afterward. It's just an amazing ride. I think it must be like a surfer catching that perfect wave. No way are you going to sit it out in order to adjust your suit. The spark ignites and you just engage.

Doesn't hurt to have the right suit before you get in the water.

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