Monday, March 31, 2008

On Deck - Ward Powers, Women's Web Networks, and Jerry Wennstrom

Why is it so hard to find ongoing blogs on Spirituality and Consciousness and Creativity? Is it because they are focused on relating rather than selling and less networked... ??

For me, there is a need to write about it and share the process but it lacks that hard competitive drive. I don't have anything to prove...just want to offer it up for consideration and trust the wind to carry it where it might be needed. And so it does.

The guest this Wednesday is Ward Powers. He's the Director of the movie One, a showcase of spiritual thoughts. I haven't had time to watch it since we booked him - so that is my next project today. I'll view it online.

Two women's sites have launched recently - joining sites like iVillage (the Groundbreaker), More (one of the last interviews with Benazir Bhutto) and Oprah (Kudos for overtly exploring Spirituality) in trying to capitalize on the huge numbers of women who make 80 percent of the buying decisions...$$

Shine - geared to 25-54 and Wowowow going after upscale 40 plus-ers are jumping into the mix trying to grab a slice of the diva pie.

"The bigger audience is out there: Women's community sites experienced the largest growth last year (35%) along with political sites, according to a comScore Media Metrix study of 100 major U.S. Internet destinations. And women users outnumbered men on the Web for the first time in 2007, according to Ad Age."

Not much spirituality labeled stuff on either site but the spirituality stuff comes through in how we live our lives. The W site does have Lily Tomlin as a contributor. Also Candace Bergen "One of the joys of being a geezer is that I really don't care what they say anymore." I'll check in.

I'll post next on guest Jerry Wennstrom -- the artist who threw all of his art work away and started over. He lost/gave up everything and changed his entire life to become more spiritually focused...for the better.... However, at the time, he had no idea what would come of it. He only knew if he didn't, his life would be Hell.

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