Saturday, March 1, 2008

What is Conscious Living?

For me, Conscious Living is living with awareness, attention, intention, and a creative combination of passion and joy...and heart.

I have seen more faces of burnout than I care to remember. Seeing it on my own face was a wake up call. Each case is unique, but a common denominator is a feeling of lack of worth, a sense of being disconnected from self and source and caught up in something that lacks purpose or value, other than providing a socially acceptable pass time to divert one from otherwise enjoying the day.

As a result, the sufferer has lost the inner glow - the joy in pursuit, the happy in being. Could some of the rampant cases of depression be more accurately referred to as Divine Ennui...boredom? No answer.

My goal in offering our Conscious Living project is to provide a reminder that the gift is the moment. We each have free will and at any time can choose to focus more on joyful thoughts and less on sorrowful thoughts. (light vs. dark)

For the show, we are choosing to pursue contact with individuals who have the ability through their unique endeavors and life choices to model the quirky beauty, limitless abundance, and timeless wonder of the creative spirit in independent thinkers, and by so doing, encourage others to also ignite their inner flame and courageously explore whatever path it reveals.

We give thanks for a life filled with variety and novelty, and for all the people with whom we have had and will have the great fortune to connect.

Happiness is not a luxury, it's a choice.

After I wrote my piece, I looked for a support link and found Matthieu Ricard on TED.

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