Monday, April 28, 2008

Creating, Manifesting, Imagining: Amy Tan at Ted and Our Guests 4/30

I was intelligent enough to make up my own mind. I not only had freedom of choice, I had freedom of expression. - Amy Tan

What is synchronicity? Do we create our reality? I believe we do. Amy Tan creates engaging stories and ponders creating something from nothing.

Here (At Ted) she talks about the creative process and the muse, treats us to a surprise ending .... and reminds us that in life there is no certainty and no absolute.

Please join us Wednesday for an inspired young woman who has been talking to God almost from the moment she arrived. Her painting is extraordinary and her insight is beautiful. Child prodigy Akiane will share a few minutes with us to tell us what she hears and how her creative process works.

Elizabeth Hill lost her twin sister to a tragic car accident. Instead of ending, their relationship moved to a whole new level. She'll talk about what happened and how that accident changed her life and opened her relationship with her sister in a way no one would have expected.

Inspired living. Join us Wednesday.

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