Thursday, April 17, 2008

For the Love of Cats and Smilies

Psychic Ainslie Macleod gave us a wonderful half hour (Conscious Living 4/16/08). He has a very genuine energy and appeal.

I am also glad he has Chester Cheetah. Something about that connection.... Check his book, The Instruction, Living the Life Your Soul Wants to Live. (Chester is now off on a new path....)

Recouping from my sore -- never had one of these before --- throat! In progress: made it through the interview and now I am well enough to run amuk. Yeah! The robot sound guy is going to have a Field day with this next line.

Some people draw the line at "chipper" with a Smiley face... Throw in an "lol" and a "!" and it means you are good with cats and they will flock to you in old age.

Here's to a healthy flock of cats and all other wonderful creatures who feel compelled to find a safe place to stop for a rest.

Cats remind us naps are the next best thing to being here.

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