Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jerry Wennstrom - Inspired to be Reborn

Could you throw away your life's work and start over? What would it take to inspire you to experience a rebirth of consciousness?

Artist Jerry Wennstrom threw away his art in 1979 and experienced a profound rebirth. The Series is posted on You Tube. You can see what he threw away and what has grown from within him as a result.

Having pitched a very beloved bit of writing - a year's worth of journal entries detailing a profound personal encounter with the Divine - I have a bit of a sense what that might be like.

It wasn't my life's work. But it was my way of trying to define the profound impact of a life-changing encounter with the Divine and the subsequent documentation of incredible details of all of the changes I made as a result. I figure it wasn't really meant to be defined.

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