Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Leif Hansen Downloads are Hot

We've found our new download posterboy. Leif Hansen episodes of Sparknw eclipsed downloads for all the other shows in the first week. Adds emphasis that the social networking machine, when done right, carries enormous potential for connecting people with product and content they want.

Thank you Leif for your creativity, your vision, and your enthusiasm. We look forward to connecting with you again!

The topic of our next cast is Ainslie Macleod, Living the Life your Soul Intended. Sandy has the book - I have yet to read it - so it will be a skim if she drops it off. However, he channels and works with guides on the book so we have more than a book to talk about. Should be fun. He's been on Oprah's Soul Series.

I am working on getting my voice back. Hope to be audible tomorrow. ;)

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