Thursday, May 22, 2008

Angels in the Outfield

In truth, we have no idea who is in charge of our life appointments.
We can set them up but the whole thing is really about working with whatever happens as a result.
Appointments we are meant to keep will show up again.

*A quick footnote on guest scheduling. If we miss one you wanted to hear, we reschedule; so just check back.

A little over a month ago, I had the most amazing blackout about an appointment. I was given a reminder call on Saturday and had a very nice conversation with a live person to clue me in. However, on the day of the appointment - Monday - I looked at a piece of information that should have triggered my memory, as the whole purpose of making the appointment was to meet a deadline the next day, and set it aside thinking I had it taken care of.

It wasn't until 11 pm that night, after going to bed, I bolted upright in bed and remembered: I HAD AN APPOINTMENT!! AHH! What happened? I was shocked and amazed that I could have completely blanked it out. (I don't miss appointments.)

But then it all fell seamlessly into place the next day. Someone cancelled and the kicker: the Doctor thought she read the schedule wrong. ?? Since that time, two guests I have worked with before, with no problem, have had very similar experiences. Both said they knew and remembered our interview and then were mortified at how they just totally spaced it out.

I now think my episode was homework so I could appreciate that sometimes - no matter how many little reminders there are - we are given a redirect for a purpose we may never know. I have learned to trust that the outcome might just be better as a result.

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