Friday, May 2, 2008

Lasting Impressions

I mowed the lawn this morning and noticed a Robin bird-dogging me. He kept a safe distance but seemed to be lurking and trailing me as I cut my swaths across the yard. I tried to telegraph with a gentle glance and body language that he could patrol the ground and I would avoid him. I also made an effort to be calm and fluid in my maneuverings of the mower and turn it away from him rather than approach.

After a few go rounds, a large moth fluttered up from the bed of the tall grass and dangled between the space of the uncut blades and the fresh leveled path. The Robin I had almost forgotten about by that time whooshed directly in front of me and, in a quick flash of wings and beak, swooped up the moth and flew off to the side, a few feet away.

He devoured the captured moth in two gulps. Impressive. I am guessing he has done this before. I continued to mow and think about all the wildlife that calls my yard home and wondered if the snake will come out to race the mower again this year; little things I no longer take for granted make me glad I mow my own lawn.

My mind I continued to mow. I have no idea why but I started thinking about first impressions and how little of a person that can represent. First impressions are well and good but it is the last impression that makes the difference. Or is it?

The great majority of people we meet in our lives will have contact with us only once. There is no time to create that all important first impression; there is only who you are at that moment. NO matter all the good you have done and the good you will yet do, they remember whatever it was and who you were at the moment you touched them. And so it goes, not first or last, just a lasting impression. And such is life.

I finished the lawn, saw the Robin hunting in the yard across the street and went into the house to check my email and get back to work. There it was, a note from my favorite filmmaker about the status of his new project: Soul Biographies. Clearly, he is busy creating lasting impressions.

Nic Askew's Soul Biographies is expected to be up and running in June - check out Monday 9am TV for more information and some wonderfully inspiring short films.

The Robin made a lasting impression. We made a conscious connection. And in that exchange, he trusted me enough to risk darting in front of a very intimidating lawnmower to grab his breakfast. Suspecting, after observing me, I would pause to give him time. I did. The memory makes me smile.

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