Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Guest Round up - and a Fabulous Fish Act

Okay - someone turned on the hyperdrive. Busy month. Guests are booked but the deal isn't a go without a confirmation and I have yet to hear back from Hunter Weeks of 10 MPH. He was out of the country in April so we need to reconnect. The new project is 10 Yards - a fantasy football documentary. No wonder they quit their corporate jobs. (Now Confirmed!)

Guy Finley has a revised version of The Secret of Letting Go due out in June. We're set to talk with him May 21st. Also on the 21st - Julie Cox - Professional face reader. She is fascinating. May 28th was Neil Donald Walsch who is traveling but we have a phone problem and haven't found a way around that one yet.

Current schedule for May 28th - Revilo's book Unknown Worlds is set for May 27th release date. You can preorder now. [We have two back up numbers for him this time. : ) ] And finally, Sean of One Week Job will call us from wherever he is now and tell us if he found a favorite. So - it's all good.

Check out this Wonder Pet. The kids wanted a dog - Dad said too much work. Kids said Fish = Boring. Dad trained fish. What a fish! Meet Comet.

Dad and fish now have a new business and internet fans... Kids can't argue with success. Suspect they might still want a dog.

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