Thursday, June 5, 2008

Formatic Notes on Talk Shoe

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.”
- Joseph Campbell

I am a fan of Talk Shoe ap but there are a few glitches. Radio offers a wonderful 7 sec. delay... I miss that.

When school is out the kids tend so show up and spam so I am now running the show more like a podcast. The filters are not in place to keep it clean; and trying to incorporate the text content into the show tends to create more of a distraction when some of the listeners/texters/surfers haven't heard the show and then want to get caught up... ;)
So - it's a work in progress and the casts are fun without the chatter so that's where it is for now.

Upcoming guests will be spaced out a bit more now that the library seems to be running on auto. Sandy and I double booked to get more content up and now that we have - it's easier to do one cast at a time. That starts on a consistent basis in July.

I'll add more content on Angel Pets, Linda Anderson, and Intuitive Nurturing, Christine Ramos, our guests this week.... Both had a lot to offer; and each in an entirely different direction.
Sandy committed herself to writing a piece about her bird experiences for Linda's Blog.... If you have something to add...they love submissions...and it could end up in a book.

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