Friday, June 13, 2008

She's so Worthy; Bukeka Scores!

Bukeka Shoals sings and the room brightens. The uplifting energy dynamic in her voice makes the room feel like it is bursting with sunlight - no matter what the time of day. She joined Sandy and I this week and shared the news about one of those special moments that just happens when you are doing your heart thing and the Universe decides to reward you by kicking it up a notch.

Bukeka markets herself as a Motivational Speaker/Coach and Singer. On the Conscious Living Segment, she actually sings a bit of her song "I'm worthy" for us and the enthusiasm is contagious but I really wish the sound set up could better showcase that wonderful voice you hear at one of her performances or from the downloads on her website...(Scroll down.) So please go there and you'll get a taste of a wonderful sound, a bit of Ella, a bit of Lena, the unmistakable Bukeka element and a whole lotta charm. (Buy a CD or a T-Shirt!)

Also lacks the barking dog overture she got with us..... when the mailman made a - only day of the week he arrived at this time - drop. And me -- too flustered to even tell Gracie to cool it...I grabbed the phone and headed to the other room where she eventually followed and settled down. Sandy? She roared. That's web casting...Dog cameos and all.

Back to "I'm Worthy." An admirer found Bukeka on You Tube and asked to use the song in her presentations but it didn't stop there. The woman also wanted a video of the song and there wasn't one. Here's where the magic happens. She told Bukeka she would create one at her next live performance. As it turns out, that performance had just been booked.

Friday, June 20th, 7 pm, at the Center for Spiritual Living (Kansas City, Mo.) - a great venue for singers - now has the dubious distinction of being the backdrop to Bukeka's first Music Video. Should be quite a show.

Bukeka is a fun and engaging interview and I am hoping we'll reconnect. We certainly enjoyed sharing the great news about a career first. And I am betting this is just the tip of that iceberg. More good will come with this. No doubt; Bukeka is Worthy.

She soars with the National Anthem - an absolutely solid performance -

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