Friday, July 25, 2008

Handmade Nation and Stacey Hsu's Sockdog Masterpieces

Mary Boone (Art Collector) - gallery owner - I had reservations about making art a business, but I got over it.

Mel looks right at home here at the desk - viewing his recent upload. Stacey Hsu, the Sockdog artist who created Mel has lots of dogs to choose from. I happen to like Mel's color and the fact he's made from the really, really, soft, plush socks.

I met Stacey - actually, her dogs first - when we were doing a Humane Society fundraiser. Someone brought a couple of her dogs and it was love at first sight.

Since then she has expanded her little brood and sewed some 300 of the critters. When I posted a photo of one I bought earlier - like any artist who has moved on from their initial creation phase - she cringed and quickly sent an updated photo, imploring me to add that instead. No problem. However, I still have the dog and now consider it a bonafide collectible.

Sandy and I interviewed Stacey. Funny thing that. Sandy had no idea about Stacey's background and the fact a portion of the sales of her dogs goes toward the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. She did a phone in while she and her daughter made a pit stop to walk a dog at another local shelter. Small world.

Stacey will do custom pets as well. You may reach her through or her Etsy shop. Not for children. However, by special request, you may ask for a child friendly creation.

A former Hallmark artist, Stacey is the perfect example of the growing DIY art, design, and craft movement. A movement that will be showcased in a new documentary called Handmade Nation. It's wonderful to see the diversity of creations exploding onto the scene. The best place to check out as a showcase for all that art is Etsy.

Got a handmade creation you'd like to market? Handmade Nation shows you are not alone. The vid is a tease for the movie.

As more people look for alternative shopping choices to curb gas guzzling trips to the mall, the Internet is a convenient option. The quality when buying a one-of-a-kind is definitely attractive. (And usually more durable.)

Mel might be biased. He advises you to see Stacey first. And says, "Thanks for your support!"

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Sandy said...

I knew if I waited long enough, I'd finally be in the "IN" crowd! Handmade, frugal and stay at home, cool, who would have thunkit?