Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recapping Some Close Encounters

Recent show highlights:

Revilo has a book signing... We're crossing our fingers that his event will be even more spectacular than a UFO sighting on the Plaza. :) Check out his interview for his wonderful ghost encounter and his UFO concert sighting. Only Revilo could have both. Probably why the book works so well. Unknown Worlds...and yet, oddly familiar.

Remote viewer Joe McMoneagle has an extraordinary gift. Just ask his wife Nancy who has to go to the extra effort of planning multiple surprise parties to ensure at least one will be.

Bukeka Shoals has an awesome voice. No words can describe it. She also has a great sense of when, right after her impromptu song, Gracie started barking at the mail carrier. Never a dull moment with talk casting. I was so flustered I didn't think to tell Gracie to cool it. She didn't... We lived.

And today's guest was mesmerizing. I have known Julie Cox for ten years or more. I hadn't realized that until I did the math today. An incredible face reader, listen to the interview to find out what she says about Sandy and me; check her website for classes to find out more about yourself and those you know.

We opted not to get into the political stuff. She does on her website. Yes, those faces speak volumes. Hear her fascinating take on plastic surgery and Michael Jackson but the best tidbit might be what a nose for money looks like: Picture Karl Malden. The world is full of amazing people. I am so fortunate to have an excuse to look them up. Have a great day!

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