Saturday, August 9, 2008

At the Feet of a Master - Extraordinary Light from a Guru

Open Heart. Open Mind. Open One.

Ponder for a moment, Describe God - from One The Project - a wonderful film through which we are given a glimpse of a varied assembly of inspiring individuals. Sandy and I were incredibly fortunate to interview Ward Powers earlier this year about his film. He mentioned a new project in the works with Wayne Dyer and we are looking forward to hearing more on that.

Springboarding from that (for me) initial introduction to several enlightened viewpoints is a film devoted to experiencing the teachings of one master: Sadhguru.

We are witness to an embodiment of Conscious Living; "In Midnights with the Mystic, Cheryl Simone relates her personal experience of learning at the feet of Sadhguru Vasudev, India's most sought-after mystic."

Check out the Isha Foundation You Tube Channel for more insight and wisdom from a wise and enigmatic spiritual shepherd. Suggest Ordinary to Extraordinary as a place to start.

It is my experience with my own spiritual advisers that all that we have been - all that we are - and all that we are yet to become starts from Joy. So I am quite biased when I state my preference for a teacher who highlights and celebrates that.

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