Friday, August 1, 2008

Dancing in My Mind - Living the Artist's Life

Beauty is as you Dream it...

Astronomy Records - Music for Awakening Souls

Need to recap our interview with Art Gallery Owner Paul Dorrell, author of the book, Living the Artist's Life.

An inspiring and engaging interviewee, Paul is no stranger to Gorilla Marketing. We don't get into the nitty gritty details of how hard he worked to get his book out to the public and the twists that took.

Honestly, he has moved so far beyond that it's more like a blip on the radar for him at this point. However, that effort very much illustrates how important it is for an artist to understand that talent is only part of the equation.

Paul has a colorful and varied past that helps him connect with Artists. He represents some wonderful (and world class) talents and has worked to build his Gallery reputation while branching out to embrace efforts to support teens in their fledgling efforts.

Listen to the interview on Talk Shoe or check out Dorrell's website. The most creativity fulfilling thing about living life as an artist, each moment is ripe with opportunity.

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