Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eye Yoga with Sir Paul - a New View

One of the joys of web perusing in search of odd is finding useful connecting tidbits. Over a decade ago I did an interview with Jacob Liberman, then at the baby step phase of getting his information out on improving eyesight without using glasses. Take Off Your Glasses and See. (Be sure to read the Reviews.)

Now for the wow factor: a related tidbit - Here's Paul McCartney demonstrating a few eye yoga moves that help ease eye strain. And for some - improve vision.

I had several years of doctor's records documenting my results (using Liberman's approach) and a doctor who told me to keep doing whatever it was because it certainly appeared to be working. I slacked off after the good reviews but I intend to revive that practice. It's nice to have an Icon to provide an independent affirmation.

Sandy had a fun experience with a Psychic....we'll see if she wants to share that. Tomorrow, we talk to Guy Finley about living a fearless life. Eyes wide open. :)

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Sandy Jorgensen said...

Wendy,remember this technique is not to be confused with the man who's set up on the street corner saying, "look into my eyes, closer, look into my eyes!"