Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lit from Within - J. Krishnamurti

Students of Life, opportunity abounds. Embrace your light and go forward.

Shifting the focus of Conscious Living to incorporate more of my metaphysical influences, we seem to have struck a vein. Thank you for the downloads.

The thing that I find most encouraging? No matter how many stories we find, there will never be a lack of amazing people with wonderful stories to share. Sandy and I are not seeking to canvass the world, rather, we do hope to paint a colorful scarf!

We also thank the guests who are gracious in their willingness to share their views and their time... and their light.

Text of the above video of J. Krishnamurti -

"You have to be a light to yourself ... and not follow the light of your professor, the psychiatrist, psychologist or the light of Jesus or the light of the Buddha.

You have to be a light to yourself in a world that's utterly becoming dark."

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