Monday, September 8, 2008

John of God - Miracle and Mystery

Mind over Matter - Not only can you do it - you were BORN to do it.

One day you will be ready to get out of lock step and enter the world of wonder to which you are born. John of God tests boundaries.

An Irish Documentary.

There are also Testimonials from recipients of healing from John of God.

Biology of Belief author and researcher by Bruce Lipton, Ph. D, offers at least one clue into how and why spiritual healing works: Belief.

Lipton's research marries science and spirituality. Called The Grand Convergence: “New Edge” Science and the Body-Mind-Spirit Trinity.

From his website:
["New insights offered in cell biology, epigenetics and physics reveal we are not victims of our genes but instead have unlimited capacity to live a life overflowing with peace, happiness and love.]

On this life path, we can choose whatever method works best to help us return to healing and wholeness. For some, it can be a very gentle and subtle process of awakening. For others, the only way to get there is to witness something that alters or radically challenges the belief system or to have a direct encounter with an event so unconventional that it requires a complete overhaul in the way he/she views reality.

At that point, wide open to potential, learning and growth, healing is jumpstarted. And from there one can begin to re-member the ability to consciously create who he/she is.

Here we are to remember and go forward. The first step is claiming that position. Harder and easier than it sounds, the world shifts when one says, "I remember," and allows that awareness (not a memory per se) to fill in the blanks. The miracle? It's all possible.

Will it happen in a wink, blink or a lifetime? That is the mystery.

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