Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tunes, Clues, Keys and Sound Healing with Marjorie Morningstar de Muynck

Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes. - Ludwig van Beethoven

Apparently, most of us can carry a tune ... While some are better at navigating the keys... those who aren't are divided into two camps .... the aware and the blissfully ignorant. :) The later has a known penchant for volume.

Animals singing... Note: Can get very interesting reactions from your pets! One cat took the mouse sounds as a cue to bite my leg...harder than a nibble. As if all along I was a giant mouse in disguise. Caught me off guard. The whale sound made for a good counter. CLUE - these sounds are language to animals. Use with care.

Melanie carried a tune and found a key.... Flashback with nifty-cool Type Animation...

Join us for Sound Healing with Marjorie Morningstar de Muynck - an Upcoming Interview on Conscious Living - Aummmm........Ooommm..... Um....Later...

1 comment:

Sandy Jorgensen said...

In your words, "blissfully ignorant"! I love this song, it makes me think I can sing.