Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming Guests - A Brief Note

Here's a quick note on confirmed guests for the next few weeks.

Conscious Living
9/10 Jim Self - Mastering Alchemy
9/16 Dr. Ivan Misner - Network Guru
9/17 Father Joshua - Psychic Surgeon
9/24 Before I Die I want to... the Polaroid project.
10/1 Dr. Story Musgrave - Space and Beyond
10/8 Ross Holcomb - Life, the Universe and Everything

Talking to Nightlights
9/30 David Baker - The Spirit Garden - A Medium's Journey - How a Deputy Sheriff became a Medium.
10/14 Denise Zak - Intuitive for People and Pets - Denise and I share what works for us and how you can enhance your own intuitive ability.

Details as we do the shows... Check us out at Talk Shoe - Conscious Living - show number 11638.

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