Monday, October 20, 2008

Into the Great Unknown - and Back

We had to reschedule the October interview (moved to Dec. 3) with Ross Holcomb about Life, the Universe and Everything. (Not that one.... not that it wouldn't be fun and definitely compliments our UFO theme. ) Ross has a quirky hobby of organizing crop circle vacation tours.

Here's his version -- a bit more detailed than my quickie summary: "I am a metaphysical consultant who gives presentations, hosts workshops, speaks at conferences, teaches intuitive healing, guides tours to England's sacred sites and crop circles each summer, does both corporate and one on one consulting regarding more evolved ways of living and doing business."

Coming up on the 29th we'll talk with Jeff Danelek - who writes about quirky content like UFOs, Ghosts and paranormal stuff. The new stuff coming out should provide excellent fodder for more books. Say, "Hey" to Jeff at Our Curious World.

Anyone not in the UFO loop missed the recent hoopla about a channeled prediction (Blossom Goodchild) of a ginormous, flashy, "Once and for all, they're here!", UFO visitation. Didn't happen and the channel has since gone "offline" but there is a lot more to the UFO story and the latest content (with merit) has a great buzz factor. I do have a request in for an interview with Blossom - we'll see how that goes.

One story among the newly released National Archives documents, references a US soldier who said he was ordered to shoot down a UFO. Locked on, the target was gone before he could fire. He was then visited after his mission by (human) guys in suits who warned him, in no uncertain terms, that talking about the incident would be ill-advised.

The channeled content and timing is interesting. However, the content of the military documents being doled out is beyond fascinating. Food for thought - and discussion.

Update from the Story Musgrave interview - Thanks for all the downloads.

Of all of the interviews I have had the great honor to engage in, I really enjoyed speaking with former NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave and am amazed at the things he has been witness to in what can be considered an extraordinary lifetime. The bio is outstanding!

(I regret not keeping a copy of my Carl Sagan interview. The radio host thing just flew by in my life and he was one of my idols. I was so intimidated I could hardly ask my questions. So, maybe it's best to remember the wonder of the contact.)

Story refers to three books as his bibles. I wanted to pass those on and appreciate that he took the time to talk about his current life philosophy and passions and share his thoughts on what he thinks about ETs and UFOs. He is definitely an inspired mind.

Unlike former NASA Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell - founder of IONS, Dr. Musgrave doesn't venture to say we have been visited by ETs. He does say he has no doubt we share our space with many life forms in the Universe but he believes we still lack one very important part of the equation: proof.

He also suggests the word "intelligent" might not be an accurate description for us humans, given some of our self-destructive actions. The three books: Starmaker, Phenomenon of Man, and Dream of the Earth.

Thank you Story!

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