Thursday, November 6, 2008

Conscious Health with Ron Garner

There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others. - J. Donald Walters

Ron Garner makes a compelling case for being very attentive to what we choose to ingest. Be it food or thought, our bodies are energy and that energy reacts to the source of sustenance.

Word of mouth for the original Conscious Health fueled a revamped and expanded version. Of interest: the Pottenger's cat study. Critics say cats are not humans but some of the correlations are interesting to note none the less. Background on Pottenger.

Sandy got the first book during her prior webcast stint and thought it would be a good fit. Garner is a great resource for lots of information and the new updated edition sounds even better.

We managed to cover a lot of info in a half hour but kept some back for the next installment. Sandy mentions crystals near the end of the segment and likes his info about using crystals to enhance water. And that is where the show stops. We'll pick up there when we speak with him again....after the first of the year. I love it when a tease creates itself.

Sandy made the meal in the picture above -- (except for the Pie) for whatever reason that food did not induce the need to go back for more. :) It was a perfect meal just as it was.

Listen to interview - the reference is to that need to continue to stuff oneself after a Thanksgiving feast... because the body didn't get the nourishment and says it is still "hungry."

Also taken that day -- Sandy in her studio -- where art happens.

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wendy said...

And Sandy found her photos! -- She emailed me and listed her subject as Judge Judy.

I was IM ing with Hannah online and decided to read blogs. The reason my subject is Judge Judy, my parents were on that show, funniest thing in the universe. When my dad saw himself on tv, he ran down the hallway like an old woman! We laughed hysterically. I just imitated him by reading your blog! I always like to read your stuff and then I was thinking, "I have a table cloth like that"...and then I saw my picture! arrg, jeez I wish I had my old face back. Wait, I do! haha Thankyou for your post, I forgot to comment.

She said I could add it for her...She really needs to blog the rest of her Judge Judy story ... :)