Monday, November 3, 2008

Upcoming Talkcasts and a break from the Newsletter

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The latest update from the E-Letter because I am taking a breather from that for a month or two... email me if you want to add your name to the list when I resume: lite 4 one @

Given the burgeoning growth of shows related to paranormal stuff, there is clearly a lot of interest and the potential for a lot of misinformation. My own experience is that most people who ask for my help with ghost encounters prefer to remain quiet about it and get assistance from one who will not announce it to friend and neighbor (and anyone else who will listen) so that they and their family can continue living a normal life without being made to feel weird or defective in some way.

They don't want media tours of their home. They need and want support and useful information to help create a buffer from unwanted paranormal interference. At least more people know they can ask for help.

So - with that increased demand and my work schedules, I have come to realize that I am a bit overwhelmed and need to reallocate my time. It would be nice if I had a collaborator but I had to start where I could and see what direction called.

FYI - Real ghosts are not a hoot. One who experience such encounters is not "crazy." The events that happen in the presence of a ghost can be very disconcerting and make those who encounter them feel helpless, powerless, frustrated and, in some cases, hopeless. It doesn't have to be that way. That is what I have had to learn and to experience first hand.

Ghosts may not have someplace else to go. Even when they do have someplace else to go, they may not want to. If you want to help -- you have to be prepared to LIVE through it. Ghosts attach to those who connect to the energy. When you are called to help and agree to it - you are attached.

They show up -- even without an invitation -- because they see you. If you have any desire to deal with ghosts, you have to learn how to see/connect with them. It is a real job. And you will have to learn what works for you -- every scenario is unique. Who knew? Ha!

And now the Conscious Living E-Letter Update: "I need to take a break from the Newsletter - too many other interests to juggle at the moment. Audio work, scheduling and managing the CL interviews, writing for my blogs and American Chronicle pieces are demanding more of my attention. Thank you for reading and following along. I really appreciate the connection.

You may connect through the other projects. A friend recently stepped forward to create some beautiful jewelry pieces. I will post those on one of the blogs soon. He created earrings designed to market on the nightlight site: beautiful and an incredible price.

The wonder of this stuff for me is that it isn't just a hobby, it is my life experience. That makes the interviews a lot more fun. I like comparing notes and seeing how it works for others who have that active and engaged 6th sense.

The actions of lights around me and in my presence is a source of constant wonder and my connection to the Divine light available to each and every one. I could not have asked for better inspiration to explore the mystery of life.

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