Monday, December 29, 2008

Judson Laipply returns with EOD2 -- the evolution continues in 2009

Been wanting to add this. Judson Laipply is back -- almost. January 12, with a little help from The Today Show, he'll debut the follow up to his most watched You Tube Vid...

EOD2 is coming... and a fun toy to play with while you're waiting.

Judson inspired a herd of copycats, the guy with "EOD for the rest of us" is cute. My fav is the the wedding version. Well done! Couple with a great sense of humor and some great moves!

Greeting the new year with a smile. On deck, is Mat Zo and his barrel of chuckles. Laughter Yoga. We'll talk with him Jan 7.

The most popular downloads of late are:
1/Reverse Speech/David Oates (An amazing tool. Book him to analyze your speech to see what you're really saying.)
2/Ross Holcomb - Life, the Universe and everything. Ross is the guest who specializes in booking Crop Circle Tours.
3/Kaya - former Sony Music Artist, The Book of Angels. He sings a bit in the interview. I avoided listening prior to our session -- so when he actually sang a bit, it was amazing to hear how easily he just slips right into the music. Beautiful.

This time of year it is easy to think about what has been, what might have been and what could be. I used to think the ability to change my history would be the perfect gift. The tough thing about that is that my history got me here.. and here is really where I want to be.

I have decided my history is exactly that. What I would change and am changing is to add a few more skips, hops and jumps to the journey on the path.

A cartwheel or two may be pushing things a bit - but my grandmother used to show off her ability to stand on her head when she was sixty. I think I can take that to 70...and then see how much farther I can stretch it.

I want to highlight more happy memories. Those I can't highlight, I will either tweak or reinvent. It's going to be a great year!


Sandy Jorgensen said...

Your history is what led us to each other. I'll take you on at 70 with a cartwheel! my Uncle Earl did cannon balls off the high dive at age 60.

wendy said...

Ha! I like a challenge. Sounds like your Uncle Earl and my Grandmother Betty left us some great history to aspire to! Add to that - a pass on growing older and wiser. I'll take growing younger and full of wonder.