Monday, December 1, 2008

Send in the Daisies or Judson Laipply

My reality is just a bit off center. I see energy. I experience a world where lights flash and spirit can communicate via very innovative and unexpected methods.
The word from my Spirit connection is that success isn't what we think and sometimes mistakes we kick ourselves about - thinking they might have been avoided in some fashion - are those we are meant to experience to grow from or to set up a link to another soul partner we are here to work with.

Viewed from that plane, nothing is as it seems. Life is full of magic, miracles and wonder. Super is natural. And the most wonderful wonder: we don´t die. Might be no surprise then that Pushing Daisies is my favorite show. As such, it is set to expire.

I am so bummed about the forthcoming Pushing Daisies heave ho I even signed the petition -- Sign to save the show (or just make a small point). I could be slightly cheered by a Pushing Daisies movie.

Fred Willard was a perfect guest on a recent episode: Cementia. Irony: Fred Willard in A Mighty Wind, has a winning line: "It only lasted a year but that's good because that's how you establish a cult." How appropriate. Birth and Death intersect.

Thanks to Judson Laipply for an update on his upcoming Dance Mix. Evolution of Dance is still in the download monster category and he's set to add a second routine to the list -- it debuts January 12th on the Today show.

When we spoke with him last week prior to the TG Holiday, Sandy inadvertently illustrated just how fleeting the flame of fame can be. No need to go into that here. Read her blog or listen to the interview.

Judson says he has tried not to let all the hoopla of that first mighty net superstar rocket ride (with an Oprah appearance and a Weezer cameo that would be this one) go to his head or change him but whatever that result... it did change his life... overnight.

The delay for the second version is due to seek out out the permissions and copyright stuff. If it's anything like the first, there will be plenty of near great dance moments to chuckle about.

Looking forward to round two -- I still love the first effort and watch it whenever I need a pick me up. At the very least, in my case, a little dose of Judson has helped to keep doctor away. ;)

Check in with Judson for some special deals in December. Put your head on the Dancing dude etc.... or just watch him dance... and smile.

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Sandy Jorgensen said...

Wendy,you have a wonderful perspective! Illusive fame, how fleeting it is, thanks for not saying, "sandy didn't do her homework!"