Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What If? The Movie to Jumpstart Your 2009

Movies I make time to see - What If? goes on the list.

We are all creating our reality from the time we are born . This film helps to illustrate that process and suggests we can - at any time - shift from our subconscious auto-pilot mode to becoming an active creator.

We learn how we can shift our reality by paying more attention to how we are going along with the program that has been conditioned or ingrained into us since birth rather than trying to identify how we can influence and control our own perceptions, thoughts and reactions, and choose responses that put us in charge of actively managing our unique lfe path.

Big news and a huge light bulb for healers: Although the DNA has a pre-set, the brain still tells it what to do. Dr. Bernie Siegel -

Change your thoughts - change your life.

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wendy said...

To clarify: Less a movie and more a motivational film.