Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Random 25 -- It's a Tag Thing

Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men. - Mortimer Adler

After multiple tags on Facebook, I came up with the 25 items on the list. Wanted to stop at 10...but I am sure that is why the list works at push for just a bit more than one might want to bother with.

So - here goes. No tag here, but share if you like. Sandy - you are the exception. Consider yourself Tagged. :)

1. I believe Charity begins at home… and if you give enough it can also end at home and trigger an interesting financial domino effect.
2. I have learned that kind of giving will trigger an IRS audit.
3. I like turquoise.
4. I love animals.
5. I like lint rollers even though they require at least 10 to 15 sheets to make a clean swath across pretty much any item they are set upon.
6. The IRS forgave the 10 dollars I inadvertently neglected to report from a refund (discovered during aforementioned audit triggered by charitable giving) - for who knows what reason - from the Show Me state.
7. I believe everything is connected .. as such, I worry that if I fix the leaking tub Faucet I might run out of ideas…
8. Bubble baths are fun.
9. I do see ghosts and some of them talk.
10. Comedy vs. Tragedy: Comedy
11. I believe there are two sides to every story: The truth and fiction. And the truth will blow your mind.
12. Is a good number.
13. Horses are not good house pets but if they were I would have one.
14. I love the sunny side of life.
15. I took up blogging because I didn’t have to work at it.
16. I have had Life-Changing results using the term “never.”
17. Nothing by Chance.
18. I also like the number 7.
19. As a child, I found math more fun after I attached a dollar sign to it.
20. I had an imaginary (real to me) friend until the age of 4 or so and after I told my Mother my friend flew out the window - that was the end of any mention of my friend….
21. I had a spiritual epiphany involving the Holy Ghost at age 11.
22. I have finally kicked the habit of worrying whether or not I appear to be NORMAL..having found it a complete waste of energy.
23. I love the ocean.
24. I have a non-imaginary friend who communicates with me and activates night lights and others…
25. I love finding out what inspires people to follow their dreams.

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Sandy Jorgensen said...

I too like lint rollers and wish that horses would fit in my living room! This post was very funny and I know you gave it much thought!! 25, ok, I will think of mine.