Friday, January 9, 2009

The Wisdom of Brad Myers and a Laugh with Mat Zo

"If you limit yourself only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." - Robert Fritz: Author of The Path of Least Resistance

That quote and a bit of information on our upcoming guest next week. Brad Myers offers instruction and support for those who are ready to step into the conscious role of leader in his: The Wisdom of the Horse™ - Horses, Leadership, and Life Seminar and Workshop. We'll talk with him 1/14/09 and find out more about the source of his inspiration and how this path continues to inspire him to reach out to others.

His Bio - paraphrased in brief... A horse lover from the very beginning, Brad clearly knew he had a special bond. Life drew him to many wonderful opportunities but the horse connection kept calling.

In 2002, Brad traveled to the Ancient pyramid ruins of the Toltec civilization in Mexico as the culmination of a 2-year apprenticeship with Master Toltec teacher Ray Dodd. While there, he had a vision of teaching The Four Agreements - by Don Miguel Ruiz, with the horses.

With a growing client list, he needed to make a decision. Encouraged by his horsemanship clients, mentors Buck Brannaman and Marty Marten, and his Spirit guides from both the Lakota nation and the Toltec civilization, Brad left the corporate world and embarked on the journey of teacher, trainer, and clinician.

Brad held his first horsemanship clinic in 2003. His passion for excellence in horsemanship and life fuels The Wisdom of the Horse™ course and marries his grass roots natural horsemanship style.

"Brad provides an authentic experience of discovery designed to foster greater awareness of what we really believe and how we create obstacles to getting the results we want."

And from all of the can see why I am thrilled to have an opportunity to speak with Brad about his path and all those things that constitute spiritual awakening.

I hope you'll have a chance to check him out on the show or on his website.

And as for our interview with Guru Mat Zo.... The rascal energy is strong with him... and the result is an interview experience unlike any over the past year of shows... He could hear absolutely nothing we said. So much for verbal interaction. Fortunately, he was a good sport and open to the challenge of flying by the seat of his bread bowl.

I gave him an intro and an outro....texted a few tidbits and the middle is all Mat... Zo.... the laughing guru... tap dancing solo and stirring the self-help pot. Give him a listen. He certainly made it entertaining for us.

In over 20 years of radio shows, I've done the tap dance routine more times than I can count... for a no show guest... When you succeed, it's a great feeling. It makes up for all the times you flop... He did a great job. I think he might actually consider doing that schtick again on purpose.

The law of attraction is fine. However, I prefer the law of reciprocity... we get what we put out. Have a wonderful day!!

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