Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interviews I would like to have had...

From whence all things cometh... the light.

One individual I would love to have interviewed - Jiddu Krishnamurti - b. 5/11/1895 - d. 2/17/86

A website bio [-His teachings transcend man-made belief systems, nationalistic sentiment and sectarianism. At the same time, they give new meaning and direction to mankind's search for truth. His teaching, besides being relevant to the modern age, is timeless and universal.]

Perspective [In the presence of anger - The brain when faced with violence undergoes a rapid chemical change; it reacts much quicker than the blow. One’s whole body reacts and there is immediate response; one may not hit back, but the very presence of anger or hatred causes this response and there is action.In the presence of a person who is angry, see what takes place if one is aware of it and does not respond. The moment one is aware of the other person’s anger and one does not react oneself, there is quite a different response. One’s instinct is to respond to hate by hate, to anger by anger; there is the welling up chemically which creates in the system the nervous reactions. But quieten all this in the presence of anger, and a different action takes place.]

J. Krishnamurti - Living without conflict -

- When I am around volatile others, I am reminded of a roiling volcano on constant verge of eruption. I do not accept credit or blame for the natural state of the volcano. I honor the volcano the need to erupt and shift my energy to dodge the fallout.

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