Friday, February 6, 2009

A Love Note

Turning on the Love light -

"They say, ‘Music is the woman who talks charmingly, but says nothing.’ I say, ‘Music is the woman who at once tells everything divinely and offers everything unreservedly." Sri Chinmoy - (Source)

When one can stop focusing on how everyone else is doing it better or wrong, or how he is unworthy in some fashion, and decide there is something special or important about his or her way that he needs to figure out and develop.

At that time one begins a relationship with self that allows for a person to become the other he would like to have a relationship with. The magic happens when the universe steps in to show what he has created as a mirror companion/s. And they are beautiful... the variations.

Say Thank You - and unfold the bloom to admire your petals (the many faces of you reflected in your friends) – and remember you are not done. You are a living work of art in progress… and so it goes. ;)

All is energy. We are One.

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