Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lee Gerdes mindbending healing results for Trauma Patients

Check out the Conscious Living interview with Lee Gerdes on Brain State Conditioning. The technology he talks about is cutting edge.

Over a hundred offices in 18 countries and over 9 thousand customers, data is updated daily to see what works and how it can be tweaked...in other words... this therapeutic approach is set up to be continually self-evolving.

In the following candid video, Lee talks about his own experience as being instrumental in steering him to develop his product. He then details the wide variety of areas in which it can be used and up to this point, found to be effective. As word gets out and more people try his equipment, I am sure there will be more.

Trauma patients are the first wave who have been helped with Brain State Conditioning. The most important part for scientists is that those results are quantifiable, and therefore validated.

Amazing potential, tangible results. The interview stops short....and that is the perfect carrot to pique interest.

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