Thursday, May 7, 2009

Claudia Trupp: Hard Time and Nursery Rhymes is a memorable read

Remembering Mother's Day - I got lucky and booked an interview with an amazing Mom who happens to have written an excellent book, one her daughters will no doubt cherish given the wonderful attention to detail and depth of character revealed in her writing.

Claudia Trupp's book, Hard Time and Nursery Rhymes - "A Mother's Tale of Law and Disorder" tackles one of the toughest of kid questions - Where do pets go when they die...(of the frog variety)?? Claudia's dad put them in formaldehyde filled jars in the basement... For her own daughter, she opted for a backyard burial.

It is easy to see why she's getting great reviews. Her writing style quickly pulls you into her world. The characters are memorable as are the events -- included among them is her view of the events as she walks us through her day on 9/11 -- starting at the World Trade Center. Conscious Living - show #11638 on

She leaves us with a message that each moment is precious. Telling your loved ones how much you care is always time and effort well spent.

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