Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Many are the paths to One - Consciousness Awakening

Not a day passes that I don't stumble upon someone/something new and inspiring... Some findings are easier to pass on than others... I love it when presentations are self-contained and packaged. Then each can determine what works or not... Today's find is ISHA.

"There is nothing more fulfilling than unconditional love of self, and when we experience it, we can extend that love to every aspect of creation. When we love ourselves unconditionally, all fear disappears. This isn't a subtle experience; it's absolute. It is the greatest thing that can happen to any human." - Isha

So many voices to listen to... so little time. Choose those that resonate and inspire you to add your own voice to the chorus. You do not have to parrot the message but -- sometimes -- it will seem that it might be the case...

No matter.

Somewhere your voice will reach those who are hearing the message for the first time. And that is why the need for many singing birds.

Isha is a spiritual teacher. The following is a teaser for her movie -- created from the book of the same title: Why Walk When You Can Fly?

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