Friday, June 19, 2009

Angels and Light, and Lorna Byrne

Update --- Check out the talkshoe casts for Conscious Living. None are edited (not that it wouldn't hurt!) (RSS) The show is also available on itunes. I have tried to keep it varied....lots of stuff for all. - A couple of authors might help you add to the summer reading list...Mark Lieberman and James Rollins. Fun interviews!

Doing lots of reading and exploring at the moment. Have been expanding my world... working with a Farrier and planning to go on a ghost site evaluation... Usually do that on my own but this time I was asked. The Farrier called after a couple of his clients told him about me and they liked the results. Adding to the Examiner topics well. They title me Paranormal Writer. I prefer Metaphysical... but it works.

New relationship. Lots of stuff in transition. Also revisiting my extended spirit connections and going with the flow....It continues to grow and compound... Amazing.

Lorna Byrne shares her life long knowing.... She sees Angels --

I dialogue daily with my guides and the nightlight energies... When I got this little message I did what I always do ... wrote it down and forgot about it... In rereading my notes over the next month I came back to it...

Your life to this point is the result of what you have intended - every thought, idea, action, reaction, image, vision, impression. To change it? Reformat your hard drive and choose only those thoughts that offer the opportunity to upgrade your current level of being.

**Those who show up in your life will reveal what you have kept in focus. For the best results pay attention and you will see the connection...**

...Angels... and so it is...

Enjoy your Summer!!

Love, light and laughs!
wendy ;)

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