Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shamanic tripping - harvesting the bounty, but is it real?

To achieve the dream one must hold the vision rock solid and not only strive to continually think outside the box but ahead of and beyond the crowd.

Any lesser energetic investment and forward momentum can be lost when the crowd shows up - as the energy dissipates to scatter and stabilize into whatever creation group consciousness is able to assimilate and give form to in that moment.

And that is as it should be, so as to provide a solid, workable foundation from which to jump to new states of awareness and heights of being. Some will stay and some will grow. All eventually will know more.

The trendy group manifesting focus at present involves producing tangible outcomes of creature comforts, material possessions and body healing. That is a statement, not a complaint.

More quality of life and spiritual awareness enhancing prospects are available when we tap our creative manifesting spark to explore, engage and master varied states of consciousness, energetic presence and spiritual being. Not so trendy but groundbreaking work has long been going on in that realm.

Logic limits us to a level of awareness where boundaries are set. We explore what we know and discover what we expect. Imagination never fails to find a way to bend the mind around the rules and obliterate the boundaries. Upon arrival comes the knowing that rules exist as only stepping stones into the presence of a greater reality.

Going forward involves embracing a perpetual state of wonder where we choose to enthusiastically dive into the unknown that we might one day discover the unfathomable without dismissing it as a fluke, worshiping it as a Godlike being, or creating a fancy-shmancy definition in order to stuff it into a neat and tidy box – due to our inability to wrap our mind around the very idea of it. Such days have a way of showing up when we least expect, as happened with my nightlights.

On some plane, in some awareness and in some form, we arrive to meet ourselves at the door of possibility but not until we are genuinely ready to know more. No doubt that is where we hail from and where we are all going. Once seen, that blinding light, our “truth” will never be the same.

I have been told the berries in the photo are known as barren strawberries. Sometimes there are flowers and no berries. In certain conditions, they produce an abundant crop of what looks very similar to a tasty strawberry. The problem is they lack the flavor of the genuine article. Whatever can be said for abundance, more of these plants is not always better because it crowds out everything else.

However, there is a silver lining. The similarity is enough to divert the attention of the birds. What they do plunder doesn't seem to encourage return visits. As such, they avoid the very real potted strawberries on the porch. And we learn the value of weeds.

Reality is infinite in presentation and potential. So be it if the most agile mind misses the boat; the most agile imagination is already on it.

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