Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love life ... and heal

~ Almost everything I've learned about life, I've learned from dying. - a favorite quote of Laura Alden Kamm

"Laura Alden Kamm is an acclaimed medical intuitive, remote viewer, author and spiritual teacher. In 1982, Laura awoke one Sunday morning with mind-searing pain in her head. Within 11 days she was dead, her spirit crossing over to the other side."

When I first connected with Laura, I knew we shared a common trait - enthusiasm for living. I have not died but I have had extraordinary paranormal and metaphysical experiences and awarenesses that have allowed me to gain new insight about how connected we are at a soul level, how much our thoughts determine our present and how what we believe can lift us higher if we don't get caught up in what we think we know. Life is a playground for learning.

No state is beyond healing, but the outcome may not present a manifest form on the material plane. Regardless, we always have the power to determine our attitude. And when we are truly healed -- we have no attachment to a particular state of being. We simple are. Where that takes us... is where we are going.

Again from Laura's info - Many truths are illuminated when you die. Two of which are: No matter what happens, you are always okay. Secondly, that you are forever, forever loved. When you live from these truths in each moment, you will truly know freedom and peace.

Site info: "Laura has a way of assisting people in turning over the rocks and stones within their lives. She assists them in looking at the shadowed side of things and the emotions and behaviors that have contributed to their issues. Although her work addresses the body and its physical issues, in actuality, this is soul-level work.

Laura believes it is the body that speaks to us, in both whispers and screams; hence, it is the body that is the commonly used mouthpiece through which we can hear the voice of our soul, attempting to direct our lives toward our most organic and authentic way of being. We are the healers and we need to listen to the voice deep within."

What exactly does a medical intuitive do? Laura offers a Q and A on her site. Answers. To learn even more about Laura, what she does and how she views life, explore her site. Energymedicine.org.

She'll soon be doing her own podcast and plans to start that project in September. I'll let her fill you in when we talk this week on Conscious Living.

We plan to continue connecting as well. I love the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Healing is a daily process. When we are given extraordinary abilities, it is good to have an opportunity to share that with others who prefer to skip a near death encounter as a trip of the trigger to a more awakened state.
I'll shift gears and move to another aspect of healing more focused on the mental awareness aspect. How to start the healing process for that? Be here now. (Ram Dass) Focus on all that you are in this moment and expand that to incorporate all that you have yet to know and yet to become.

What might we have forgotten in this present state of duality, or separation from all-that-is that can be remembered from a higher state of knowing or an afterlife encounter? We are one.
Spiritual teacher Ram Dass offers a perspective on conscious awareness and what it means to be here now.

Ram Dass was asked if he considers himself to be enlightened. The condensed answer: "What do I know about enlightenment? Every day I’m still learning, and I want to keep sharing and learning with people. But I’m still thinking about enlightenment, so I guess I’m not enlightened."

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