Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Conscious Living -- Allan Weis update -- wednesday at 4pm C

Okay - this is the fun of pre-setting the show...the system locked us out...

And I am so Glad Allan was up for a second try!! We rescheduled ... sssooooo - tomorrow at 4 pm central time...I will be talking with Allan Weis. (KU grad!)

Since we had to set up the next time I had a chance to preview and ask a question or two. Got to talk about the future of technology... amazing stuff that will make a user feel like they are immersed in an atom or a Doctor will be able to get inside the body for a close up to see the textures of the organs and determine whether they are healthy... absolutely incredible.

Sorry we missed today -- maybe it's for the best. Rather than ten minutes - we get to talk for 30... :) The future looks incredible!!

His book... The Business of Changing Lives. And from the reviews I have read -- seeing what Allan has done inspires others to jump on to the Change wagon. ;)

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