Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spiritual Film Festival in Sun Valley

If you have time to squeeze in a getaway to enjoy the fall beauty - Here's a suggestion to help rest, relax, rejuv and restore .... The Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.

Event speakers include Stephen Simon, Co-founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle and Jim Walsh, Founder and CEO, HESA Institute.

Jim will be speaking about the work of the HESA Institute and Intentional Chocolate, at the film screening, Cracking the Cosmic Egg, an introduction to a new frontier where science and spirituality are combining to improve the human condition.

You may also want to be there for an audience sampling of one of first prototype products to come out of HESA's technology-Intentional Chocolate. The study on that showed that people who ate chocolate infused with good intentions from another actually had an improved response.... fascinating stuff.

September 18-20th, 2009.
More Details here.

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