Monday, September 21, 2009

ThinkQuest Founder Allan Weis and The Business of Changing Lives

What a wonderful vision and concept -- ThinkQuest is a project that gave and continues to give --- even though the program is on a hiatus at the moment. Those students who have been touched by it are out touching others.... and that wave will make a huge impact.

Provider of Funds for projects like ThinkQuest:

And some of the thrills of victory for the winners!

Allan Weis has a new book - The Business of Changing Lives. Here's an Amazon subscriber's review of the book -

"M. Roberts (REAL NAME) - Amidst the daily barrage of selfishness in the news, reading this book was a breath of fresh air and inspiring actions by Allan Weis and his colleagues and the many, many young participants worldwide. Weis provides an inside look at the fascinating evolution of the internet both on a technical level and a sociological or business level. His many specific examples and illustrative sidebars give substance to the story. Weis' company took the unusual approach of trying to use all its money to do good with the objective of having no money but a meaningful legacy at the end. I found this both an easy and compelling read."

Join me for a conversation with Allan - 9/22/09 - about his thoughts on his project, how he views the world and the kids who have the power to change it!

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