Thursday, October 1, 2009

All things 2012 - and The Twelve with William Gladstone

~Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love. ~

Enigmatic and engaging, it was a delight to have author William Gladstone speak with me about his new book The Twelve. Drawing from his life experience, including time working on the Rod Serling show "In Search of Ancient Mysteries", and a near death experience as a teen.

Of the near death experience, he says there was very little support for that concept in the 70's and the whole thing was chalked up to lack of oxygen to the brain. The effective counter to that for him, and proof his experience had merit, was meeting another near death experiencer who had a similar version of an encounter involving a twelve scenario. His involved a sense of energy. Hers had names. The story (his personal story and the novelized version) is fascinating. The draw -- we all have the 2012 deadline.

At present, no matter what topic the book, one must have a solid marketing plan in place to launch and support it. As a writer with an extensive background in digital publishing, William is more than prepared to get the word out. He also has the film option to consider.

His ace is a blessing from the man considered to be the foremost scholar of 2012 information, Mayan Scholar Jose Arguelles, also the creator of the Harmonic Convergence event (and planning the next).

He says "The (book) proves the point: The 2012 prophecy is true -- something wonderful is going to happen in 2012, and its anticipation is seeping into all of us. The success of your work can only contribute to the mass awakening which is so essential for the opening to the higher consciousness that awaits all of us. "

Compared to The Celestine Prophecy, this book has the potential to engage the reader with a real time blockbuster ending... in the current process of unfoldment. Here's to joining the celebration - beginning in August 2012.

“A is and is not equal to A” -- read 12thebook.

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