Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The People's Chemist says, 'You are what you eat.' - and that's the problem

- Our healthier ancestors consumed a mere 10 pounds of sugar annually. The average today is 150 pounds! Risk of the pandemic killers can increase by a whopping 50% due to the sugar sabotage according to the leading medical journals. - Shane Ellison - "The People's Chemist."

Check out the Conscious Living quickie interview with Shane -10/27 - for more details.

On his Blog, Shane tackles Swine Flu. Is it a real threat?

[" I don’t think American’s are going to fall for the vaccine scare, which means that the pharmaceutical pigs urging us to get the jab are gonna have a lot of unsold inventory.

Few people realize that immune function is a direct result of proper nutrient intake.

If we are not getting the right nutrients or ingesting items that deplete the body of them, our immunity fails. In this sense, immunity is a choice. You choose whether or not you’ll get the right nutrients to ward off “biological nasties” like H1N1 or any other variation of influenza…

It’s all in the book - Over-The-Counter Natural Cures."]

One product we cover in the interview is Nutritional Yeast. What is it (a) and what does it do (b) ?

A. Yeast is considered by many to be the most valuable supplement available. It is a complete protein and contains more protein than meat. Yeast is an excellent source of B-vitamins including B12 and it contains the glucose tolerance factor that helps in the regulation of blood sugar.

B. A lot. Information.

There is no supplement that can work efficiently without the necessary fuel to engage it. The food choices determine our health. Shane says if it tastes sweet - spit it out. And that will be your first act toward radical dietary realignment. Eat healthy!

-- As I say that, there is a half eaten bag of Gummy Lifesavers (now hidden to keep me from eating the rest before the Halloween trick-or-treaters carry them off!!) that I can attest made me feel much worse after I ate them... let alone the trigger to eat more is like the potato chip addiction... Sugar takes no prisoners!

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